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Football prediction

Today’s football prediction: Where to get them

Today’s football predictions are everywhere on the internet. If this is typed in the search box of any search engine, you will likely get a large number of results. Most will offer free tips that are somewhat unreliable. Tipsters that give free tips are mostly the ones that are just starting up and are trying to get popular enough before they start charging for giving out their tips. You wouldn’t want to trust your money with some who don’t have a track record, hence making their tips free. Sometimes you might get lucky enough to get successful free tips, and other times, it ends in losses. Even when you decide to buy a tip of today’s football prediction from a tipster, picking a reliable one to buy from can also prove to be very challenging.

Some Markets to explore today

Football prediction

In today’s football prediction, there are several markets one can explore. We are aware that there are a couple of betting markets that bettors don’t understand. This section will explain some of the complex betting markets to make you understand when and how to use them

  • Combined bets: combined bets are also called mix parlay bets. The one is a combination of two or three markets in one bet. Examples are 1×2 & BTTS, 1×2 & over, 1×2 & over & BTTS. In the case of a combination of 1×2 and BTTS, you are to predict who wins a match and if both teams will score in the game. In the 1×2 and over option, you predict the team to win and the range of the number of goals that are likely to be scored in the match. In the triple Combo bet of 1×2 & Over & BTTS, for you to win, you have to predict the team that will win, then the range of goals, and if both teams will score. Combo bets attract a lot of odds, making them a favorite for tipsters that give accumulation football prediction tips. There are other types of combo bets that you can look up to.
  • Halftime / Fulltime: In the halftime / fulltime betting option, bettors are to predict if the home team or away team will be ahead at half time, or perhaps if the result at half time will be a draw, then also predict what the outcome of the match will be at full time. This market is a perfect one to use to boost odds. If you are sure the home team is going to flawless win again the away team, it is wise to play a 1/1, which means the home team wins both at halftime and fulltime, instead of playing a straight home win, which is going to give a far lower odd. The halftime / fulltime market is used a lot by tipsters in their today’s football prediction.
Football prediction

These markets are some markets to look at if you want to bet today. makes use of this market to provide reliable today’s football prediction. Visit site to buy your reliable tips at pocket-friendly prices.

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