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Football score prediction has become a necessity in the betting scene today all across the betting markets globally. With a greater influx of new bettors and investors in the scene than ever before as well as an increasing standard of performance at various levels of competitions relating to football, bettors face a double-edged sword- the risks are as great as the rewards. And that is where we come in. If you are wondering about us and our role in the betting industry, this is where you can find out.

To put it simply, Sofascore functions as a bridging website where bettors can connect with experienced tipsters before playing any bet. We bring you the best tipsters to choose from so you can get valid tips that can help you win bets and make money from betting.

The Importance of Access to Successful Football Prediction

There are hundreds of leagues and competitions on which football betting takes place. As a football lover, you may be acquainted with a maximum of two to three such leagues and perhaps a small handful of other cup competitions. In those leagues and competitions, you may be well versed with a handful of teams and players because it is practically impossible for an individual to know each player, each team and every statistic with the kind of detail that is required for analyzing a match with the sole purpose of betting on its outcomes.

In short, football prediction is no easy task. Only an expert who practices football prediction can explore the maximum perspectives and analyze the required amount of data, which is often huge, to find patterns as well as the correlation between past stats, current forms, and the latest updates. Yes, all of that, and more goes on behind the scenes of predictions. At Sofascore we work with some of the most notable names in tipsters in the industry today so that bettors and punters can directly get access to the professional opinion on how a team/player will fare in any match.

Betting is possible without investing in tips of course. However, that would make the betting activity more of a gamble than a calculated risk and anyone who wants to build a sustainable career in sports or football betting knows that gambling recklessly is a sure shot way to stumble headlong.

What Makes Sofascore Stand Out In the Crowd?

What is it about us that separates us from the multitude of football prediction websites on the internet?

Transparent Tipster Statistics: We not only offer punters a choice of the best tipsters in the industry but also provide detailed statistics showing how those tipsters have fared in their predictions by displaying the number of tips they have made, their odds, the percentage of hits and return on investment as well as number of wins, push and fails along with profits earned over the years of operation.

Responsive Customer Service: Sofascore is proud of the turn-around time and responsiveness when it comes to providing customer service.

Multiple Membership Plans: We offer a variety of membership plans which can suit every kind of budget and requirement. is one of the biggest and most trusted names when it comes to websites that provide successful football prediction and betting tips and can help you take your betting strategy to the next level!