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Football Predictions

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Ben D. Torres


August 2017
78.95 %

76% average records

Ryan Farmer


December 2017
77.89 %

79% average records

Cold Flynn


November 2017
79.18 %

75% average records

Max Pickering


December 2016
398.64 %

85% average records

Micheal Mille


March 2017
404.03 %

80% average records

Paul Hodgson


January 2017
432.55 %

86% average records

Find Winning Livescore Tips from Experienced Tipsters

If you are a serious soccer punter that seeks to win consistently, you have come to the right place. SofaScore provides you the perfect platform for finding the best tipsters from around the world. And these professionals are experts in coming up with winning predictions and tips. We cover all the major and minor soccer leagues and divisions from around the world. Thus, you can always find a betting opportunity and a chance to win some big money. Find out what we have to offer and why we stand out from the crowd.

Is Couchscore Safe?

Using our platform Couchscore is safe for so many reasons. Most importantly, we evaluate all the key factors that influence the upcoming match. Besides, our tipsters also check the past data to make accurate predictions.

Some of the most important factors that we evaluate to come up with our sofascore soccer tips are as follows:

  • i. Current Player & Team Form

    We check the recent matches of both the sides and the performance of their players. This helps us determine their current form and get insights into their potential performance in the upcoming match. Some of the important aspects of the current form in sofascore football prediction are as follows:

    • Current form is a much bigger factor in football than in any other sports
    • Our tipsters check the performance of each side in their past 6 to 10 games
    • We check the matches won and lost, goals scored, and goals conceded
    • We also check the quality of the teams they played against
    • A club that has been on a home winning streak is seen to be highly likely to continue with its form

    When we evaluate the current form, we also take into account the performance of each side on their home field and away.

  • ii. Home/Away Records

    As already mentioned, home and away records are also taken into account when evaluating current form and coming up with sofascore live tips. The usual trend is for teams playing on home turf to perform better than their normal. However, we check each side’s past records to identify any trends in their home and away performances. Many clubs are known to deliver strong performances during away matches as well. Some teams are good performers on some ‘away’ fields. So our tipsters can also take such trends into account.

  • iii. Suspensions & Injuries to Star Players

    Our sofascore tips are safe because we also keep up-to-date with the latest team news. We check last-minute news to keep track of the team roster. If a star player on any side is injured or suspended, it can affect the performance of the affected side. This can give the other side a big advantage.

    The impact can be significant when the missing players are star defenders or strikers or someone who has been in great form recently. There are many clubs that have their fortunes relying on one or two star players. If those players are not playing, the side can be at a big loss.

  • iv. Team Play Style

    Our football sofascore live tips also take into account the play style of each side and how they stack up against each other. The outcome of a match between two defensive clubs is going to be much different than a match between two sides that play attacking football. Our experts have years of experience and understand how different playing style works against each other. This makes it easier for us to make accurate predictions. We can identify opportunities where bookie odds may not reflect the actual situation. Thus, our tips can help you make some big returns on your wagers.

  • v. Team & Player Motivation

    Sometimes it happens that one team or player may be highly motivated than others to perform better. Identifying this factor can require both experience and in-depth knowledge. Again, our sofascore soccer tipsters can help you in this regard. Some of the situations where value may exist in terms of motivation are as follows:

    • If it is a big match between rivals, both the sides are going to be motivated to win.
    • A team that lost recently is going to be more motivated to win.
    • A team that lost the last match against the other side is also likely to be more motivated to win.
    • A player is going to be highly motivated to perform against a team they used to play for.

    Besides, most teams are usually highly motivated to perform at a higher level during the latter part of the season. Thus, motivation is a very big factor that can influence the outcome of a match. Many times, the underdog is much more motivated and can create an upset. We at SofaScore help you identify such opportunities so that you can make bigger returns on your bets.

  • vi. Weather

    Many times the weather can be a big determinant in the outcome of a match. It can be so much important that we may also take it into account when making our sofascore live. If the home field tends to have extreme weather conditions, it can be an important factor. The home field is likely to be accustomed to playing on those conditions. The weather can, thus, work against the visiting team, giving the home team an edge.

    Our tipsters take into account all these factors when coming up with our sofascore football predictions. All our tips and predictions are, thus, based on data and facts. So when you choose our platform, you can remain assured about the safety of our predictions.

Is Couchscore Free?

All our predictions are available at a small price. This is because our tipsters make in-depth research which is a time-consuming and effort-intensive task. Most of the sofascore tipsters are working full time, doing their research to come up with winning predictions. These tips are made available to punters like you from around the world. You can easily and quickly buy these tips with just a few clicks.

Which Is The Best Livescore App?

Couchscore is simply the best livescore app available today. As already mentioned, our platform is based on tips from experienced tipsters from around the world. We provide tips for all the different types of events that may take place in a live match, including halftime and fulltime scores.

Some of the most popular markets we cover include the following:

  • Draw no bet
  • Asian handicap or handicap
  • Correct score
  • Half-time & full-time results
  • First goalscorer
  • Last goalscorer
  • Scorecasts
  • Over/under
  • Both teams to score
  • Accumulators

Our sofascore live tips can cover a wide range of markets including the following:

  • Next Player to Score
  • Next Team to Score
  • Next Player to get Booked
  • Time of Next Goal
  • Time of Next Corner
  • Next Side to get a Shot

Live betting is considered as one of the best ways to win big returns from football. Besides, live betting offers a thrilling experience.

Which Sports App Is The Best?

Couchscore is among the best sports app you can find. Besides providing you livescore updates and tips, it also allows you to find the best tipsters. Our sofascore soccer tipsters are regularly assessed for their performance. Their performance stats are updated on our platform so that you can compare and choose the right expert every time you need to place a bet.

You can find the following statistics against all the top performing tipsters on our website:

  • Number of Tips
  • Odds
  • Hit Percentage
  • Win
  • Push
  • Fail
  • Profits Generated
  • Return on Interest

So you will be able to choose a tipster on the basis of multiple statistics. Once you have found the right professional, you can follow them to keep up-to-date with their tips and predictions.

What Is The Most Popular Football Score?

As a soccer punter, you may often think which football score is the most popular one. The most popular score in soccer is 1-1. It is interesting that a draw is the most commonly occurring score in this sport. A 0-0 draw has been the most popular soccer score at half time. Going by these statistics, it may seem that football is one of the most boring sports. Ironically, it is still the most popular and one of the most thrilling sports that exists out there.

Soccer is not just the most popular and most followed sport on earth, watching it is also considered one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

The main reason attributed to 1-1 draw being the most popular outcome is that apparently, the gap between the technical prowess or quality of the top teams and others seems to be fading. The overall level of soccer seems to be getting increasingly even within leagues, divisions, and tournaments. The similarity in terms of the following factors can be contributing to this increasing level of evenness:

  • Financial status
  • Size of squad
  • Coaching team
  • Facilities available
  • Quality of players

When it comes to 0-0 draw being the most popular half-time score, sofascore football concludes that nervous players could be the main reason. During the first half, players on both sides tend to be nervous. No side wants to make mistakes that may end up in conceding a goal. This is an important point because modern soccer is much different than its counterpart from yesteryears. Today, a conceding a single goal is often enough to lose a match.

Most teams tend to enter the first half with the same strategy. They like to play it safe in the first half and attempt to score only during the second half. If you were to check the stats, you would find that most goals get scored during the period between 75 minutes and 90 minutes from the start of the match. This is again a clear indicator of the play-it-safe strategy followed by most teams.

Why Soccer Is A Low Score Sport?

It is also considered that the newer rules created over the years have contributed to making soccer a low-scoring sport. During the early years of soccer history, it was a high-scoring sport. Gradually the quality of tactics improved. So did the skills of players. This increased the number of matches with more even results. The rules added over the years also made the difference. The offside rule is one such example. When the rule of player substitutions was added, the number of goals scored in matches decreased further. Earlier, teams had to continue playing with injured or exhausted players. There was no way for fresh players to enter the field. This increased the chances of the other side scoring more goals. Once the rule of substitution was introduced, this changed forever.

Which Soccer Leagues Do We Cover?

We at SofaScore provide tips and predictions for all big and small football leagues and divisions from around the world. Whether you want to bet on the EPL or Coupe de France or Copa Libertadores, you can find tips for all soccer events taking place around the world. There is no division that is less important to us. We cover all soccer events, as long as they are part of the soccer system of a country. Thus, you can find football sofascore live tips for all matches from around the world.

Some of the examples of the divisions we cover are as follows:

  • Italian Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • English Premier League
  • MLS
  • UEFA
  • French Ligue
  • FA Cup
  • Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Ukrainian Premier League
  • Superliga Argentina
  • Copa America
  • 2 Bundesliga
  • Confederation of African Football

And much more. You can find tips for matches from even the lower tiers in the soccer systems of most countries.

Thus, SofaScore provides one of the best platforms for you to bet and win on livescores. We make it easy for you to bet and win consistently. Our tipsters do all the hard work for you so that you can focus on finding the matches of interest to you. Besides, we can also help you find winning opportunities. When you choose our platform, you are looking forward to consistent and big profits.

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